Hindi Best Love Shayari for Lovers

Hindi Best Love Shayari for Lovers

Below we are showing best hindi love shayari for lovers. You can propose to lover with this shayari.

Muskurate Palko Pe Sanam Chale Aate Hein,
Aap Kya Jaano Kahan Se Hamare Gum Aate Hain,
Aaj Bhi Us Mod Par Khade Hain,
Jaha Kisi Ne Kaha Tha Ke Tahro Hum Abhi Aate Hain.

❤✮ Hindi Love Shayari ✮ ❤

Jaane Us Shakhs Ko Kaisa Ye Hunar Aata Hai,
Raat Hoti Hai To Ankhoo Main Utar Aata Hai,
Main Us Ke Khyaal Se Niklu To Kahan Jaau,
Wo Meri Soch Ke Har Raste Pe Nazar Aata Hai.

❤✮ Shayari on Love in Hindi ✮ ❤

Tera Intezaar Mujhe Har Pal Rehta Hai,
Har Lamha Mujhe Tera Ehsaas Rehta Hai,
Tujh Bin Dhadkane Rukk Si Jaati Hai,
Ki Tu Mere Dil Me Meri Dhadkan Banke Rehta Hai.

❤✮ Shayari in Hindi for Love ✮ ❤

Unka Haal Bhi Kuch Aap Jesa Hi Hoga,
Aapka Haale Dil Unhai Bhi Mehsus Hoga,
Bekarari Ki Aag Me Jo Jal Rahe Hai Aap,
Aap Se Jyada Unhai Is Jalan Ka Ehsaas Hoga!

❤✮ True Love Hindi Shayari ✮ ❤

Kal Uski Yaad Poori Raat Aati Rahi,
Hum Jaage Puri Duniya Soti Rahi,
Aasman Main Bijali Puri Raat hoti rahi,
Bas Ek BAARISH Thi Jo Mere Saath Roti Rahi.

❤✮ Best Hindi Love Shayari ✮ ❤

Tadap Ke Dekho Kisi Ki Chahat Me,
To Samajh Paoge Ke Intezar Kya Hota Hai,
Yuhi Mil Jaye Agar Koi Bina Tadpe,
To Kaise Jan Paoge Ke Pyar Kya Hota Hai.

❤✮ Hindi Love Shayari for Girlfriend ✮ ❤

Nazare Mile To Pyar Ho Jata Hai,
Palke Uthe To Izhaar Ho Jata Hai,
Na Jane Kya Kashish Hai Chahat Me,
Ki Koyi Anjaan Bhi Hamari
Zindagi Ka Haqdaar Ho Jata Hai.

❤✮ Hindi Love Shayari for Boyfriend ✮ ❤

दिल में प्यार का आगाज हुआ करता है,
बातें करने का अंदाज हुआ करता है,
जब तक दिल को ठोकर नहीं लगती,
सबको अपने प्यार पर नाज हुआ करता है!

20 Feb

How to get OnePlus 5T face unlock in any Android device.

OnePlus 5T was recently released.It has got several new features.One of the features is Face Recognition feature though which you can unlock your phone.The Android version requirement for its working is Android 7.0 and higher. There are some new methods which helps the user for speeding up the unlocking process as the Google has already built the unlocking of the face like smart look of the face unlocking future for the Android smartphone devices but it has some its own significant drawbacks like apple has the face ID setup and LG has already done this feature or you can say LG has launched this face and looking future in their devices.

Following are the steps with the help of which you could take the help of OnePlus 5T face unlock feature to unlock your Android device:-

There are some easy and simple Steps to get ‘OnePlus 5T face unlock in any android device:-

Step1:For AUTOINPUT join BETA.

In order to try the auto-unlocking feature you will have to Join Beta feature of the AutoInput App which was developed by Joao Dias.For doing this you will have to follow the following steps:-

  • Join the Google+ Community for Autoapps by tapping on Join button on the Google+ page.
  • Sign in with the Google account which you use in your Android Mobile Phone.
  • At last,tap on the Become a Tester option.

Step2:Newest version of AutoInput App should be downloaded.

In this step you will have to download and install the newest or latest version of AutoInput App.Before the availability of the newest version of the AutoInput App possibility is there that you will have to wait for up to 30 minutes after joining the beta program.Although it is not important for this app to be Tasker Plug-in still you can check whether it is a Tasker Plug-in.

Step3:Starting or Buying a free trial of the Pro Version.

Before purchasing the full version of the app you will have to start a 7-day free trial of the app by click on ‘Start Trial’ option.If you feel satisfied then you can purchase the AutoInput Pro for only $1.99 to use it with the Tasker.

Step4:The Accessibility service in AutoInput should be activated.

In this step AutoInput requires access to the Accessibility Services so that the app could show its true and wonderful colours.This app can only work on Android Nougat not on Android Oreo.

Step5:’Auto Dismiss Keyguard’ in AutoInput should be enabled.

In this step you will have to enable the ‘Auto Dismiss Keyguard’.For doing this you will have to tap on the Toggle button.

Step6:A trusted face should be  Android Phone

In this step you will have to set up your face in Smart lock for face recognition.For doing this you will have to follow the following steps:-

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Security or Security and Location
  • Click on smart lock.
  • Finally,you have completed this step.

Step7:Your phone will now be unlocked with your face recognition.

In this app you just have to check the face recognition process that whether it is properly and accurately working or not by unlocking your android device with the help of face recognition.



15 Feb

Best Video Editor Apps for Android

Video editing is hell of a job of many of us who usually upload video in the social networking site on daily basis. This job requires software which are not easy to handle for many of us, who are not familiar with desktop. So why not download an application which does the same on your android. Here in this article we will be discussing some of the video editing apps for android that you can download, and which are easy to easy to use.

Adobe Premiere Clip (Free)


Firstly, one of the best app is Adobe Premiere Clip. You can edit your video manually with your own music using different tools, filters and music available here, Some users have found it difficult so that here is also a feature available for them i.e automatic generation of videos using your given images and short video clips. Now, you can save your finished video in your device, share it to your AdobeCreative Cloud (If you don’t have account on this you can make to remove further barriers), or post it on your facebook, twitter, or youtube. Adobe Premiere Clip use not as much of space than many other apps due to its portrait mode working facility (it works in portrait mode if you aren’t watching your video ). You can edit Youtube videos with the help of OgYouTube app.

KineMaster (Free/$4.99)


KineMaster is a professional video editing app which comes next in the list. It provides various amazing features to give the videos a very fine touch and their users a better video editing experience. It comprises facilities such as multifaceted structure video editing using given video, images, effects, overlays, labels and texts. The user can edit a video at any segment wherever the requirement to change or cut. One can also adjust brightness and contrast accordingly. Additionally many other features like preview, voice changer and animation are also available to make this app more attractive and friendly. No, Its not over one more feature is here which makes it one of the best app in android that is the user can record and edit instantly before finishing the video edition.

KineMaster adds a small watermark to your video if you want to remove this you can upgrade to pro version (paid version).

ActionDirector Video Editor (Free/$3.99)


Another one in the list is ActionDirector Video Editor to edit videos on your mobile phone in a professional way without doing a lot of work.  When you open the tool choose camera, import your video, do some changes like colour effects, speed, audio, texts etc. then apply changes by clicking upper right corner. The outcomes of the edits are really cool, even in standard effects and applications of the app. One can find a very interesting thing in this app, it can also compile its own clips rather than the recorded videos in the device. The edited videos can be exported in HD quality to share on different social sites and messengers. The better information you can acquire by using this app.

Movie Maker Filmmaker (Free)

Movie Maker FilmMaker is one of the popular app which is totally freely available. It is quite limited in its features but good for basic editing and beginners. The user can trim, crop and reorder the recorded content. There is no facility of colour adjustment manually but various filters are available to apply, the music of your choice can also be inserted. The video can be downloaded in various formats which can be share on social networks.

Power Director (Free/$5.99)


PowerDirector, this application is amazing in the list, it delivers all mandatory features for edition including background editing, colour effects, sound and voice. In addition, it also provides collage maker, speed control (slow motion effect) special effect facility. Apart from this more and more tools and features are available in this application which you can experience by using this. Just try, download, and share your videos and clicks with your friends.

VivaVideo (Free/$3.99)


VivaVideo is one of the comprehensive video editing apps. This app is especially work for short clips to make stories for messengers and other social networks like Instagram, Snapchat. It provides a very huge list of features including  more than 1000 video effects, approx 200 video filters and various other effects, text input, and fast and slow motion facility, one can merge, cut and split video as well as can add songs and images of their choice and the GIF can also be made as well. VivaVideo has free version having some time limit and watermark which can be resolve by upgrading to pro version.